1 okt. 2007

Behind the scenes of October

Heya all and welcome to the newspaper

Because of my illness the last week I didnt have much time to spend on the newspaper, sorry for that. But now you all want to know WHAT will happen during the next month, well I can tell you that.

1 I will try to make a "chat" on the members only section
2 I will try to make some pages on the members only section where people can trade etc.
3 I will add a new story
4 I will interview someone

Most of time I spend on the newspaper, I'm working at the database and the members only section, what doesnt work very well because I ain't a very good scripter. But I'll keep trying so the things with "I will try to" might not be added this month, but maybe later.

That was the Behind the Scenes of October
Have fun :)