13 aug. 2008

LadyM: "no I am leaving the clan completely"

"I'm giving my clan up" that's what LadyM, clanleader of the #1 clan: AoD, said during a press conference. Her story: "first and foremost I feel that I have taken it as far as I can and other members of the clan have new fresh ideas so I think it's time for some 'new blood' in charge." And, you guesse it, the many blames on her to abuse her "staffpowers" did also count: "Yes. The problem was people were complaining that I kept finding them in the wastelands. It's very easy to find people in the wastelands if you can bothered doing it. Our clan had scouting parties for certain areas and would report back." We've confirmed the answer. When I was an Accountant we learned in great depth about Separation of Duties spo
And that phrase seems to have been haunting me a while now lol so I decided it was time to be seen to be impartial within my role as staff. Nobody wants me to leave - they are all sulking lol but this is my own decision not something anyone has forced me into and I know they will be just awesome without me because they are the best bunch of people you could ever wish to have behind you.
I'd also like to wish Bursar and Hookups good luck nad tell them I'm not paying any of their therapy bills out of this."

Do really all AoD members think she's great? Swamp Donkey, ex-member and owner of the Fallen Angels clan: "speaking from an old member of her clan, and I will say this as nicely as possible is was HELL working for M a damn slave driver, controlling every move, every step from start to finish." he also had another possible reason for her leaving: "I know that doesn't make much sense, but I look at it like this: Number 1 She has the top clan in influence most of her members are really active and they enjoy punishing others for influence so in that aspect wow she is leaving? On the other hand, no one is really offering her competition, she has dominated the field without mercy and really has nothing left to prove so no surprise there." So while she can be a 'slave driver' she does do her work well.

KSR leader Onslaught pity's that she's leaving, well, does he? "its too bad that ladyM, giving up, because she never gave me the change to beat her back"

Nlhero, leader of the WN clans, agreed with Onslaught: "it's a pity, you were a good rival ;) but I understand your point"

To end with LadyM's phrase "this is my own decision not something anyone has forced me into"

26 mei 2008

Player Goal Reached!

Today I looked at the front page of Forbidden Absolution and I saw this amazing line:

"Currently there are 2003 players. This means that we are 100.15% of the way. Target players is 2000."

Wonderful isn't it? Gratz to SinEater and all new players of FA, we've done it!


25 jan. 2008

New Towns

Hey all,
The Sin added 2 new towns, Trinity and Cadaverous.
In both of the city's you will find and Eldar whose spend his life on faith. Trinity with his Eldar is Devine and Cadaverous is Cthulu, they are twin faith towns and the civils hate civils from the other town, however they strangely have the same mission, they both have to kill a high Eldar and if you have reached a certain Faith level you will get more information about it, I'm not spoiling the mystery of the game so I won't give more information.

Some history, Trinity was build by Ganzig and Cadaverous by Valentine. The city's were made to be sister towns, but later, they parted from each other because of there different faiths.

Have fun,

9 jan. 2008


-The Brit gives out 100 faith instead of game credits now
-Sin's Angels' loot has been lowered for 25% and Velvet doesnt give Game Credits any more
-Clan member's are no longer able to attack a member of their own clan.
-Home Bank has been added to the left menu

Congratulaitions to Angels of Darkness they are clan of the year 2007

26 dec. 2007


The new town is called "ScoLarKow" and it's just for -.- studying. Two new skills called: Intelligence and Instinct can now be trained, if you've got 10k Intelligence you can do the science trainings, that's like "herblore". You'll be able to make potions, anti poisons and cures in exchange for a little energy. If you have 5k Intelligence and 5k Instinct, you'll be able to do the survival course. You'll be able to hide from everyone and to see everyone on the map.

It will take 1 year to complete one of these 2 trainings, good luck ;)